Patrol Division


Much of a patrol officer's job involves general law enforcement duties on patrol. Patrol officers typically patrol a specific neighborhood or area. While on duty, patrol officers look for violations of the law which include traffic stops. Patrol officers stop citizens suspected of illegal activity and investigate or monitor suspicious people, unusual situations or safety hazards. Patrol officers wear their department issued uniform, and are visible representatives of law enforcement. Part of their responsibility entails promoting community relations while on the job. While on patrol officers respond to emergencies and calls for service. They give first aid or other assistance to accident victims or to others with physical injuries. If accidents happen in their patrol area, they report to the scene as soon as possible to determine the cause or if someone has committed a crime.

                                  Patrol Sergeants

Pearsall PD patrol operates on two separate squads and is supervised by one of two sergeants and five patrol officers on each squad.
  • Sergeant Squad "A"              Sgt. Daniel Flores                                        
  • Sergeant Squad "B"              Sgt. John Hernandez