Maverick Youth Zone

The Maverick Youth Zone is entirely dedicated to offering a safe and positive environment for youth ages 12 to 18 to meet, socialize or just hang out.

The Zone houses books tailored to teenage interests, board games, free Wi-Fi for mobile devices, and a lounge area.

3D Printing

The Youth Zone includes a 3D printer for teens to use! This maker tool combines art and science.

A view of the Maverick Youth Zone, including seating and shelving.

What is 3D Printing?

The 3D printer uses a melted plastic filament to create objects which have been designed on a computer. 

Our printer works with PLA (PolyLactic Acid) material. Following the directions of a particular design, known as G-code, the PLA passes through a nozzle. The code directs the printer to form the object, layer upon layer. 

In a matter of seconds, the plastic cools off. Then, your object is ready to go!

How Do I Print?

Those wishing to use 3D printing service are expected to take an orientation prior to printing. 

Schedule a time with staff to begin printing an object yourself by stopping into the library or calling 830-334-2496.

A 3D printer and laptop sit on a desk.