Economic Development

Mission Statement

Together with our partners we will create a talented, diverse and prosperous workforce that encourages robust growth and increase upward mobility for all residents.

Department Overview

The Economic Development Department carries out programs that foster the expansion and retention of existing businesses; the creation of new businesses within the City of Pearsall as well as the attraction of companies that offer high impact jobs. 


In order to establish Pearsall as the city of choice, with an excellent economic base, the department will:

  • Provide training and employment opportunities for youths and adults
  • Facilitate targeted business districts and neighborhoods
  • Introduce business incentives

Downtown Revitalization & the Main Street Program

The Downtown Area Action Plan will address the land use function of the Downtown area and also take a strategic look at the area’s future development. 

The revitalization of Downtown will foster socio-economic improvements and eradicate blight and decay within the downtown area thereby creating a vista and generally a positive impact on the visual amenity of the environment. 

Economic growth would adopt the four point approach inherent in the Main Street Program as follows:

  • Design
  • Economic restructuring
  • Organization
  • Promotion