Economic Development Board

Regular Meetings

Meetings shall be held monthly or as required.


The Commission shall consist of 7 members who shall be appointed for 2 year terms.

The members may be removed in accordance with the provisions of Section 10.03.

The board itself shall appoint and designate from its members a Chairperson and Vice Chairperson to preside over the Board actions.

Secretary of the Board

The Director of the Planning and Economic Development Department shall serve as Secretary of the Board and perform the following duties:

  • Be present at all meetings
  • Provide a report each month, along with Economic Development Board recommendations to the City Council for possible adoption


The Economic Development Board shall serve as an advisory board to the City Council. The Economic Development Board shall strive to make recommendations that will increase economic development opportunities within the City of Pearsall.

Guidelines, regulations and responsibilities shall be set forth by ordinance from the City Council.

City Council Action

The City Council shall, after adoption of this charter, adopt an ordinance adopting standards of conduct for city officers and employees, stating the city's policy on ethical conduct, setting forth the Commission's duties and responsibilities, adopting a code of ethics, adopting any other requirements deemed necessary and adopting sanctions for violation of the ordinance.

For more information, view the City of Pearsall Charter (PDF).